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april 2024 horoscope

April 2024 Horoscope Predictions Based on Your Signs

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Due to Mars Shani Yog in the eleventh house, there will be fear of unnecessary running around, mental stress, differences with close relatives and injury etc. There will be obstacles in the planned plans. Due to presence of Mangal Rahu Yog in the twelfth house from 23rd April, there will be more obstacles in the means of earning money, mental stress and anger.


Transit of Venus in Pisces(exalted) from the beginning of the month itself will create chances of sudden financial gains, but expenses will also remain high. There will be more expenditure on vehicles, luxuries and entertainment. Expenses will increase further from 25th April due to Venus joining Rahu in the 12th house.


Due to Mercury being in the profit house till 8th April, there will be profit in business and contacts with highly reputed people will improve. There will be instability and tension due to Mercury getting weaker from the 9th April. Domestic complications will arise in the family. But you will continue to get enough money to survive in your work and business.


Till 22nd April due to pesence of Mangal Shani Yog in the eighth house and then Mangal Rahu Yog in the destiny, one will have to face opposition from close relatives, disease, fear of enemies and financial problems. You will have to face the trouble of unnecessary travel.


Till 13th due to Zodiac lord Sun being in eighth house, there will be health problems and some differences with father. Although there will be opportunities for progress in business, but the mind will remain troubled due to domestic complications. You will get opportunities for good fortune from 15th April.


In the beginning of the month, Mercury is in the eighth house but from 9th onwards, due to Rahu being in the seventh house again, income will be less and expenses will be more which will lead to worries. With great difficulty, means of subsistence will be created. But through hard work you will get opportunities for progress and profit. It will be auspicious to recite Vaishakh Mahatmya and do Surya worship and charity from Sankranti.


In the beginning of the month, due to Venus being exalted but having Rahu, there will be partial profit in business and expenditure of money on luxurious activities. There are chances that due to anger and excitement, some work which was about to get done will get spoiled. There will be tension and worries in the mind due to financial problems. The latter part will be challenging and expensive.


There will be mental stress due to less financial gain and domestic complications. You might face disagreements in the family, father’s health problems and some personal problems. There will be concerns related to children due to presence of Mars Rahu Yog in the fifth house from 23rd April.


Some encouraging situations will be created. There will be sudden gains and happiness because of kids. A plan will also be made for buying and selling of land, vehicle etc. There will be interest in religious activities also. Recite Vaishakh Mahatmya daily from 13th April.


Differences in marital life will be resolved. Despite ample opportunities for financial gain and advancement, you will not be able to take proper advantage. But some spoiled matters will improve and respect in the society will increase.


Due to presence of Mars-Shani yog in this zodiac sign till 22nd April, there are indications of increased anger, mental tension and differences of opinion with close relatives. Income will be less and expenses will be more. There will be progress in foreign related work in the latter half of the month. It will be auspicious to recite Shrineelkanth Stotra.


In the beginning of the month there will be opportunities for contact and benefits from highly reputed people. Due to Saturn’s third aspect on the second Sun from 13th April, there will be situations of differences and conflicts among the family members. There will be less than expected profits and unnecessary hustle and bustle in business areas too.

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