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Astrology- science beyond sciences….

Jyotisha is the traditional Indian system of astrology, also known as Indian astrology or Vedic astrology. The Sanskrit word Jyotisha (pronounced jo-teesh), means “Science of Light,” as it is this science that sheds light on the fruits of a person’s past actions. The purpose of Jyotisha is not merely to know the future course of events, but to lead the person to an understanding of the deeper aspect of life. Astrology is a diagnostic system that has for years enabled us to unfold the hidden mysteries of life, to answer unexplanatory events, and most of all, has given us all a peace of mind through reasons to events that matter the most. It is a great tool for counseling and alleviating suffering! Indian astrology is science beyond sciences, empowers us to meet our self, understand our true nature, and unfolds events from significant areas of life such as love, health, spiritual growth, career and finance.

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best online astrologer in india
best online astrologer in india

How does it work?


The most underlying truth about astrology is that at the time of birth, the planetary position in space, and the permutation and combination of planets is charted in the form of a birth chart, commonly called as Kundli, Kundali or Janam Kundali. Moreover, the energy and gravitational pull from these planets influences the person’s mindset, traits and even belief system. Hence, astrology is way more intertwined with our lives than we give it credit for. Following the principles of astrology can make sure that our living is becoming more and more enriching, satisfying, purpose-driven and wholesome. In short, we all are at a constant lookout for self-help tools and guides that can provide a happier cut to our lives, and astrology is nothing but that tool precisely. True benefits of astrology This method of sneaking into our future revolves around planets, its ongoing movements, and zodiac signs. And by understanding these event, one can automatically get inclined towards knowing important details like A sight of future Achieve professional life goals Best suited education stream Ways of getting away from relationship issues and marriage obstacles Ways, how to deal with difficult life situations

How to plan activities as per astrology?


Time or Kaal is the father of destiny and its fruits. Whenever any organism comes into being, during its time in the womb, it accumulates all the requisite information, auspicious or inauspicious which the organism has to face in its entire lifetime. There is no control of anyone over the time and its events, the human being has to face some auspicious or inauspicious events during the lifetime because his life originates at a particular time which is not under his control. Hence, there is Muhurata (Hindu unit of measurement for time), which is used to perform important religious ceremonies, to start or avoid activities in one’s life in order to live better quality life. Muhuruta is used to choose the best time for all important events in life – such as weddings, starting a business, a new house, a new car, family planning, traveling and much more. The bottomline is that one must put pure effort towards making their life more peaceful and joyful through guidance by astrologers. Because if there is one lesson that we have got from life, it is that it’s short and must not be wasted in regrets and events that do not matter, especially when we have Jyotish help available that can guide our decision making and enable us to make better choices.

Online Astrology Consultation & Prediction – Talk To Astrologer On Phone



About Online Astrology Consultation on Call: 


When Physical meetings are not possible, phone consultations might offer a practical solution to your astrology-related problems. Through expert astrological consultation over the phone service, Pundit ji Online astrology services seek to offer live astrology and immediate remedies.

Whether it’s a problem with your career or your personal life, our Best astrologers can offer you the best solutions over the phone.


Your phone astrology consultation will include the following.


We don’t compromise with our services, not even when you receive consultations over the phone. Here are some of the consulting packages we provide.

  1. Complete Kundali astrological analysis via telephonic astrology consultation.
  2. analysis of the consequences of the present planetary transits on your kundali
  3. Astrologers are available by phone to answer all of your questions.
  4. The best remedies to address all the problems in your life
  5. Additionally, our astrology consultants online offer important guidance for improving the problem.

Our expert astrologers are always by your side. No issue, whether it has to do with your job, business, relationships, or marriage, nothing is impossible to rectify.

One of the reputable online astrologers in India is Pundit Ji Online. A result of the confidence and trust that people have in us, we provide a variety of astrological phone consultation services.


  • Business problems: We are here to help with the success of your business and industry recognition.
  • Husband Wife Dispute Problems: Our on-call astrologers offer effective solutions that consider your horoscope’s present situation to settle all marital disputes.
  • Marriage Delay Problem: Talk to an astrologer on the phone if you are experiencing a marriage delay; they will provide you with the best solutions.
  • Job and Career Problems: We take care of problems with jobs and careers that occasionally arise as a result of unfavourable planetary developments.
  • Black Magic Removal: Don’t worry if black magic was used against you to sabotage you. Through a phone astrological consultation, we will offer the effective solutions to handle your problems.
  • Lucky Gemstones Recommendations: We recommend suitable gemstones that produce unwavering outcomes based on the planet in your birth chart.
  • Match Making: For a stress-free and fulfilling married life, professional astrologers can also assist you in finding your soul partner.
  • Numerology: Use our online astrologer consultation services to uncover the numbers that have a significant impact on your life’s occurrences.
  • Palmistry: Our palmistry service ensures that the patterns, lines, and marks on your hand will accurately reveal your future.


Benefits of online Astrology Consultation on Phone:


Several benefits are awaiting you once you connect with us through our phone astrological consultation. As follows:


  1. Take advantage of immediate solutions without making an appointment or standing in line.
  2. You get to choose the time and day according to your preferences. As many questions as you like
  3. Famous astrologers Dr. Suresh Atray and Dr. Sachin Atray are available to speak with you.
  4. We accept calls from everywhere in the world.
  5. Exact and understandable advice on suggestions and cures
  6. Your identity is completely kept confidential by us.
  7. We are here to help you in all kinds of life circumstances and to keep you safe from dangers.


How To Book Online Consultation Call:


For precise findings, our online astrological consultation service follows to a set process. To make your reservation today, just follow these steps.


  1. Make an online payment
  2. Send your questions together with your birthdate, birthtime, birthplace, and current occupation.
  3. Send Details on Email ask@punditjionline.com or WhatsApp +91 7710340102
  4. You will get answers in 48 hours.


Online Astrology Services:


We offer a variety of astrological service alternatives depending on various situations. Some of the online astrology services that you can access through our Online astrology consultation are given below.


  1. Your Janam Kundali is analyse online by us.
  2. By birthdate, we provide personalized predictions online.
  3. Our numerology forecast ensures precise outcomes.
  4. With our gemstone recommendations, we assist you in achieving your life’s objectives.
  5. We offer matchmaking astrology services to everyone, whether they are mangalik or not.
  6. Additionally, we remove black magic for people experiencing bad luck or unnatural occurrences.
  7. Through online consultations, we assume responsibility for fixing your marriage delay issue.
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