Vastu Shastra

Vastu Shastra is a tool to cure and improve life. Vastu aligns the cosmic energy you are receiving from the universe. This energy improves the performance we are having under available circumstances/bhagya. Vastu helps to channelise the energy, which leads to better results.


How does it work?


Putting it more spiritually, vastu is the bridge between human and nature. Everything around us emerges from five essential elements; Fire (solar energy), Water (gravitational energy), Air (wind energy), Space (cosmic radiation), and Earth (geomagnetic energy). And giving no regard to these elements while developing a residential or commercial area may hamper one’s growth and might come in the way of letting the person live its life to the fullest. So, we realize this infinite power and authority of the universe and give directions to the owners to comply and make alterations accordingly.


In vastu corrections, sometimes, we alter the activity area and sometimes shift articles or articles in your property. We don’t ask for sabotaging or demolishing your property to fix it as per vastu. Such vastu alterations bring improvement in life and many times these improvements bring tremendous prosperity to the owners.

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What can vastu do for you?


Vastu is the science that attempts to align our manmade environment with these forces of nature and a non compliance may result in illness, misfortune and struggle in daily living, as if we are trying to row our boat against the wind.


Just like colors affect our psyche, the space that we live in has a tremendous influence on our success, prosperity, cooperation in relations, opportunities that we get, wealth, and most importantly health. And if you think you are feeling and encountering more negative events in your life than something might be very wrong with the space that you live in.

Benefits of vastu:


A more cheerful and happy life with more positivity in people we live around One will find his passion, excitement, and energy to do things Flow of energy to your location Minimize the struggles and problems pertaining to career Positive vastu substantially improves health by reducing stress All in all, one will accomplish more in life and reach greater heights.

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