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Aries, Mesha (chu, che, cho, laa, lee, lu, le, lo, a)
Brave, Bold, Short tempered, Face injury or accidents regularly, Precipitate, Pi,  Nervous



Taurus, Vrishaba (ee, oo, ae, o, va, vi, vu, ve)
Beautiful, Pretty eyes, Bit obese, Optimistic, Curly or wavy hair, Nervous, Mean, Short tempered, Benevolent



Gemini, Mithuna (ka, ki, ku, gh, chh, ke, ko, ha)
Short, Fat, Business mind, Writer, Wizard’s pen, Talkative, As women nature, Bit shy



Cancer, Karka (hi, hu, he, ho, da, daa, di, du, de, do)
Agile, Possible to sense, Helpful, Soon angry and soon calm, Love to visit waterfall or pond, Not materialistic, Mother’s inheritance recipient, satisfied



Leo, Simha (ma, mi, mu, me, mo, ta, ti, tu, te)
Short tempered, Merciless, Dominating, Like Butter, Lazy, Good decision taker if head of the family, Justice, Vindictive, Good Leader



Virgo, Kanya (to, paa, pi, pu, shh, hh, pe, po)
Merchant, Good mathematician, Swear a false one, Short, Others put on their, Critic, Speak smart, Rich, Not reliable, Patient



Libra, Tula (ara, ri, ru, re, ro, ta, ti, tu, te)
Beautiful, Rich, Love to enjoy luxury, False Doctrine, Extremist, Stay ahead, Good Advisor, Balance mind



Scorpio, Vrishchika (to, na, ni, nu, ne, no, yaa, yi, yu)
Dominating, Revengeful, Precipitate, Attractive, Risk habits, To suppress it, Opportunist



Sagittarius, Dhanu (ye, yo, bh, bhaa, bhi, bhu,dha, ph, dhha, bhe)
Intellectuals, Astrologer, Teacher, Justice, Religious, Ostentatious, Words Maker, His hymn to you, Mean friends



Capricorn, Makara (bho, ja, ji, ju, je, jo, khaa, ga, gi, khi, khu, khe)
Dodgy, Hypocrites, Mongrel, Mean, Cruel, Avenger, Not to forget, Good businessman



Aquarius, Kumbha (gu, ge, go, sa, si, su, se, so, da)
Beauty preference, According to one set of circumstances, Beautiful, Well Maintained, Freak, Capricious mind



Pisces, Meena (di, du, tha, jha, de, do, chaa, chee)
Religious, Perfect Personality, Spiritual, Stable, Nervous, talkative, Two Marriages, Two business

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