Taurus (Vrishaba)

Degrees: 30 – 60

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: A Bull

Element: Arth

Direction: South

Colour: White

Quality: Rajasik

Body Parts: The Face & Throat
Sounds: Ee, Oo, Ae, O, Va, Vi, Vu, Ve

Places: Agricultural Land, Fields And Meadows, Lawns, Barns, Closets, Basements, Storerooms, Ground or Below Ground Levels,

Characteristics: Taurus is a Negative Sign of Venus. They are often Attractive and have Pretty Eyes. Taurus-type people seek balance and harmony in the Environment and are Optimistic, Benevolent, Stable and Fixed in their Way. They have a good sense of Beauty, Creativity. Taurus People might be Possessive & Materialistic. They are slow in anger but also slow to forgive & can be Mean.

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