Virgo (Kanya)

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: A Woman in the Boat, in One Hand holding wheat, in other fire (Lamp)

Element: Earth

Direction: South

Color: Multi colors

Quality: Rajasik

Body Parts: The Middle Portion of The Abdomen, from the Navel down to the Pubic Bone
Sounds: To, Paa, Pi, Pu, Shh, Hh, Pe, Po

Places: Near Water, Meadow Lands, Pleasure Rooms, Near Shop, Gardens, Pantries, Ground: Below-Ground Level

Characteristics: Virgo Sign needs to balance energy between Body & Mind. Good Intellect, Command of Language, Good Healers, Craftsman, Draftsman or Artist, Mathematician. Virgo People have sensitive nervous systems & can easily become Neurotic, also, may have variable Digestion. They like exercise & may excel in sports.

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